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The quality of white Masterbatches depends on the characteristics of the TitaniumDioxide used in the production phase. Furthermore, the ratio of TitaniumDioxide within the Masterbatch, or its “concentration” is also of utmost importance.

White Masterbatches with plain, standard white tones are usually used in the packaging industry and “disposable” products. Masterbatches used for Film Packaging,Blow Moulding Packaging,Thermoform Packaging, etc. are usually marketed with descriptions indicating “50%”,”70%” concentration.

The area of use of white Masterbatches where the quality level is of utmost importance are applications where Technical Plastics are used. White goods, Small Household Appliances, Compound Industry, Injection applications, etc.

White Masterbatches used during the processing of Technical Plastics must possess high heat stabilization values. Furthermore, due to the fact that products manufactured using Technical Plastics are Consumer Durables, UV resistance of the White Masterbatches used during their production is also very important. In such products where appearance is valued, various different tones of White Masterbatches are used instead of plain white.

For years, Sisan has been engaged in the production of White Masterbatches without compromising its quality oriented approach.

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This product group consists of;

PE – PP – PS – ABS – SAN – PA – PC – PMMA – PBT – PET – PES – PVC – EVA – TPU based products.

  • PE Masterbatch
  • PP Masterbatch
  • PS Masterbatch
  • ABS Masterbatch
  • SAN Masterbatch
  • PA Masterbatch
  • PC Masterbatch
  • PMMA Masterbatch
  • PBT Masterbatch
  • PET Masterbatch
  • PES Masterbatch
  • PVC Masterbatch
  • EVA Masterbatch
  • TPU Masterbatch
  • PLA Masterbatch
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