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Sisan is the most experienced producer of Colored Masterbatch in Turkey. The products we sell in this group constitute the SSN-COLOR® brand.

Colored Masterbatches;

– First off all must not create any problems in processes. They must not cause wastage or loss of work. Due to the fact that they complete the visual aspect of a product, the color intensity, brightness and covering characteristics must be satisfactory.

– They must be supplied with the same tone of color and quality in every order. This is possible through adopting an approach in production which places emphasis completely on standards and which utilizes a high-end quality control process.

– They must be supplied in accordance with the required characteristics of the products in which they will be used. Suitability for use in Food Packaging, standards such as ROHS, REACH, etc. are also important.

The products we produce with SSN-COLOR® brand must especially comply with these principles.
YMeeting the demand for new colors by achieving satisfactory results is related to the sample process. Sisan is able to complete this phase rapidly due to the know-how, experience and large color archive it possesses. New color works are monitored by qualified personnel.

Coloring Technical Plastics and Engineering Plastics is a much more delicate process compared to standard plastics. Sisan has acquired serious amount of experience in this field. The expectations from Masterbatch quality in these applications are much higher.

The products we produce with the brand SSN-COLOR®;

  • PE Masterbatch
  • PP Masterbatch
  • PS Masterbatch
  • ABS Masterbatch
  • SAN Masterbatch
  • PA Masterbatch
  • PC Masterbatch
  • PMMA Masterbatch
  • PBT Masterbatch
  • PET Masterbatch
  • PES Masterbatch
  • PVC Masterbatch
  • EVA Masterbatch
  • TPU Masterbatch
  • PLA Masterbatch

Fields of application where colored Masterbatches are used;

Automotive, White Goods, Small Household Appliances, Cables, Panels, Thermoforms, Film Packaging, Blow Molding Packaging, Pipe Applications, Raphia, Tableware, Garden and Office Furniture, Toys, Promotion etc.

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