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As Sisan Plastik, we have been prioritizing total quality management and customer-oriented approach in all our operations since our foundation day. In 1999, we certified our successfully implemented quality understanding within the scope of ISO 9001 standard. In 2005, we expanded the scope of our certificate by including the R&D works into our system as well.

And in the year 2014, we certified our Environmental Management System, which we run being aware of the fact that clear environment is as indispensable as innovative and high-quality products for sustainable development, within the scope of ISO 14001 standard.

We maintain established Integrated Management System within the context of “Development Manufacture and Sales of Plastic Masterbatches”.

We realize all our activities on the basis of continuous improvement, efficient use of natural resources, prevent of pollution, eliminate wastes which may occur during the action primarily reduced at source and recycled with the most convenient methods.

While determining the scope and content of our activity, we primarily evaluate our interaction with our neighborhood (industrial sites, residential areas) and water and energy resources, necessity and expectations of interested parties, our national and international legal obligations, internal and external issues related our objective and our professional expertise.

Masterbatches we produce could be; White (tones), Black (tones) and Color (all desired colors) as well as having transparency and food approval features depending on our customer’s requests. Additionally, some additive materials which have both effects on plastic production or products are in our product range.

With this understanding, we produce and distribute our products using our Environment and Quality System participated by all our employees, suppliers and customers, and which we have been improving continuously under the responsibility of our senior management.

Our Quality and Environment Policy

The quality policy adopted by Sisan Plastik San. Tic. A.Ş. since its foundation is to base its high product quality on permanent standards, and serve them through a customer-oriented service understanding.

Sisan Plastik San. Tic. A.Ş. performs all its operations in compliance with the environmental legislation within the frame of the legal requirements on the basis of efficient use of natural resources, prevention of pollution, reduction of wastes at the source, sorting out the wastes, recycling the wastes, and disposal of the wastes through optimum methods as per its environmental consciousness developed in parallel to its abovementioned quality understanding.

For all these purposes, Sisan Plastik San. Tic. A.Ş. undertakes and announces to the public that it will observe the conditions of the Integrated Management System it has established with the participation of its executive board members and employees, and improve its effectiveness on a continuous basis.

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